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3 Practical Rules of Software Development

Published On: Friday, October 19, 2018 105770 views

Hello Everyone!

 I am going to enlist 3 most important rules of software development from the perspective of a programmer. These rules are not presented in any sequence of preference, however these rules are a part of future posts I will make regarding software development.

 Rule No 1: You must always continue to learn concepts about programming. This is very important as most of us programmers tend to stop learning once we reach a certain learning threshold, often achieved after mastery of one technology. New knowledge brings new possibilities and problem solving measures.

 Rule No 2: Plan and prepare Software Requirement documentation of all the features (feature-wise and version-wise) before coding. There is an inherent tendency in us programmers to not plan much and just jump into coding first, which is okay if you’re working on a temporary concept or idea, but it’s really not a good practice if you’re working on a serious project requiring diligent planning. The challenge is to stop the first urge pushing us to begin coding, and instead focus on painting a picture of how the software would work. Using a mind-mapping tool is absolute essential to begin planning the software requirements for the intended features.

 Rule No 3: During your big programming project, if you hate going back to coding, then love of developing software needs to be ignited again. It so happens with everyone that after putting so much effort and energy into a project, the damn thing becomes boring to continue on our own. Then we start looking for external motivation and lose the interest and zeal to accomplish that ‘To-Do’ List of problems to be resolved thought earlier. This is normal and a part of software development process. When this happens, make sure you take a break, put your mind off to something else, i.e. listening to music, watching videos, exercising etc. Then later on think about the reasons why you started this project and not get bogged down in the details of the project. Look at the big picture, plan, and attempt coding again. If you’re stuck, then move on and try a different approach.

 I hope you’ll find this post useful and I will keep posting new practical rules of software development in continuation to this post in the future.  In case if you wish to add any additional point to the post, then please leave a comment below.

Post by: Sarabpreet Singh
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