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Open Source Technology

Published On: Saturday, August 18, 2018 107438 views

Hello Everyone!

 Today, I wish to elaborate on few things about open source software and the importance of creating and sharing it for the benefit of all.

 Just like any other commercial product, most software comes at a cost with detailed legal copyright claims restricting any third-party modification, distribution, or utilization. In most cases, it is expected that anyone with an intent to lawfully violating copyright would obtain explicit permission from the legal owners. Large corporations have benefited from such legal mechanisms which, while protecting the intellectual property, allows generation of revenue through sale of proprietary software.

 Open Source software comes from a different notion that all technology should be free and made available to anyone without any cost. Just like the internet, the open source software is available free of cost to the end users. You may think that internet is not free since you pay your ISP (Internet Service Provider) a hefty sum each month. You’re right and wrong at the same time. The internet is in fact free, but the process of accessing it is not. Open source technology enables the use of software in the same way we use the internet. Just as internet serves the need of free communication for humans, the open source technology serves the need of free functionality.

 Technology makes us better when we make better use of technology. The better use requires us to create better quality software but to have the impact we need, the software needs to be offered free of cost. You may think that developing quality software would take lots of hard work, effort, time, and money; then why offer it for free?  Following are a few reasons: 

1.       Eliminating dependence on internal or external paid quality assurance service providers.

2.       Developing the software free of cost or getting paid to develop free software.

3.       Obtaining training, exposure or experience via practicing prototype stages before the production run.

4.       Free feedback from the early adopters and enthusiastic beta-testers.

5.       Setting the platform for the next big thing out of your garage.


I hope you’ll find this post useful. In case if you wish to add any additional point to the post, then please leave a comment below.

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