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Genesis Post

Published On: Sunday, February 18, 2018 1133 views

Hello Everyone!


I feel there is a need to share knowledge with the world as much as the need which exists to gain knowledge from the world around us. I’ve created this blog for this very reason, i.e. for sharing knowledge, which I’ve acquired from various sources over a period of time.

 Why would the world need another blog like this? I don’t think the world needs it, therefore I’ve not created it for the world as such, but I’ve created this for someone who might just need that little bit of information for solving a particular problem. I think there could be a person sitting in front of the computer in some remote part of the world trying to solve a problem and looking for answers over the internet. And I’ve found that sometimes such answers are rarely found in the mainstream text but are found in relatively obscure places on the internet.


Therefore, I today wish to begin this journey by sharing and nurturing this knowledge exchange via this blog.

I hope someone will find it useful enough ;)

Post by: Sarabpreet Singh
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