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Blog News Update – February 2019

Published On: Monday, February 18, 2019 918 views

Hello Everyone,

 Just a brief announcement regarding the new and upcoming content on the blog. Last year or so was spent on Internet of Things (IoT) related areas where I wanted to experiment more on Internet of Things (IoT) and mixing and merging it with Blockchain technology.

 Blockchain technology had kept me interested for a while before I decided to build one application using it. The purpose of the application was to just have a decentralized chat server for the blockchain network consisting of nodes. Basic idea was simply to implement software application for the nodes participating in network and keep the ChatLedger database file updated with chat transactions happening between various nodes/clients. Following shows the network nodes communicating with each other and discovering new clients/nodes joining or leaving the network:

For some reason, I got obsessed with IoT and it struck me really badly that I wanted to somehow combine it with the blockchain technology as it made lots of sense for these technologies to work together. At one point of time, I decided that I need to start teaching a course about IoT which I am currently teaching at the University to third year undergrad students since January 2019. So far it has been a great experience tinkering with IoT, Sensors, and Electronics and trying to build an IoT device with a purpose.

 I thought it would be a good idea if I start posting about some of the advanced projects I am working on and make this blog little bit more useful for my students among others.

Post by: Sarabpreet Singh
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