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Effective Use of Tech Tools!

Published On: Sunday, March 18, 2018 2053 views

Hello Everyone!

 We’re going to talk about ‘Tech Tools’ today, especially the ones which make our technology related endeavors possible.  Tech tools are designed for enabling quick completion of certain tasks which otherwise make it difficult for a user to complete on his own.  Our world of technology today is filled with a lot of them which often get users confused regarding which tool to use among the multitude of similar tools that are available.

 The idea behind effective use of a tech tool is that to filter-out the one you need to accomplish the task at hand effectively out of the clutter of choices that are there to confuse you. In order to make this confusion go away, I’ve developed a list of core practical principles to be used when faced with dilemma of selection of tech tools. For every technological problem, there exist a set of tools which can effectively lower the user’s effort by either automating the task at hand or dissecting the task further into smaller subset of mini-problems that can be resolved individually and easily.

 1. A tool can either resolve a problem, or get multiplied with the problem itself. The hard part for any user is to find the tool and learn it quickly before it can be implemented for a problem. Good tools are simple and effective in problem resolution. But it is to be kept in mind that over or incorrect utilization of a tool can give rise to more problems.

2. Don’t get obsessed with tech tools. It doesn’t matter which company have produced the tech tool as long as it fulfills the intended purpose and requirements of the task. Remember that you’re trying to solve a problem while searching for the tool, so focus on solving the problem and not get fascinated by the tool itself. It feels good to fill your arsenal with great tools, but it’s of no use if they keep on sitting on shelve without ever being utilized.

3. Tools can help you only if you need their help. This basically means that you won’t be able to effectively utilize a tech tool unless you really need its assistance in a project or problem you’re trying to solve. Top-down approach never works as tools can never guide you where to use them, it is the problem which tells you what it needs where you the user needs to figure out whether a particular tool can assist you in your endeavor. Tech tool producer companies try this really hard to convince their users that first get the tool, and then think about the problem. In reality, it works the other way around as think about the problem, find the tool to solve it.

 I hope you’ll find these tips relevant to whatever problem you’re trying to solve. In-case if you wish to add to the post, then please leave a comment below.

Post by: Sarabpreet Singh
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