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Curriculum Reimagined

OBE Framework, Design of Curriculum, Program Structure/Outcomes, Schemes, Syllabus Development, and attainment-driven improvements.

Creative Teaching Pedagogy

Promoting self-paced online yet integrated learning, use of academic resources, and effective pedagogical strategies.

Evaluation Innovations

Course Outcome Attainments with online evaluation tools and techniques. Rubrics, peer-ratings, peer-learning tools.


We are successful when you are successful. We understand that there is a lot to handle when it comes to continually advancing your educational mission. Focusing where you're the best and combining it with where we're the best enables synergistic success. We begin by first transforming your IT system!

Step No.1

Understand Your System

Common and honest understanding of strengths and weaknesses in your system are critical to the mutual success.

Step No.2

System Redesign & Integration

We follow a milestone driven development plan and share specific recommendations for final implementations.

Step No.3

Smooth Transitions & Launch

Your users will feel empowered and become much happier putting in work hours on redesigned system.

With years of experience in managing technological transitions, we have become experts in technology consulting services and innovative solutions.

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Technology Consulting

Learn what technology can and cannot do for you. We help you make critical decisions in technology use and reduce capital investment, manpower, and operational costs.

Systems Development

IT systems do quickly become complex but using them shouldn't be. Your user's feedbacks and problems can be turned into impactful solutions. One user at a time, we’re improving lives.

Business Intelligence

We assist you in designing world-class BI systems providing real-time business reporting. Our BI inputs can point-out bottlenecks, track decision impacts, and identify improvement areas so that you can act before its too late.

Educational Technology

Our education system needs fixing. Whether its curriculum, evaluation or academics; all of it deeply affect performance outcomes of students. We provide insights into developing a truly Outcome Based Education Systems or help you develop one in-house.

Vision and Mission Strategies

We know that you're on an important Mission. We just provide Mission Control. We help in defining achievable and sustainable data-driven targets in alignment with organizational vision, mission, policies, and traditions.

Business Analytics

Can't measure something? Can't control it? With our help, your existing system can be leveraged to achieve target-driven conduct of various processes. Our analytics are guaranteed to trigger corrective actions and process improvements at lightening-fast speed.

Peter Hart

Sarabpreet Singh

Technology Consultant, Asst. Prof., M.S. - USA/India

Driven academician by profession, curious engineer by education, loves critical thinking to provoke real-life changes through technology. He's on a life-long mission to put a technological dent in the universe.

(+91) 9464001760

Track Record

Technology Consultant 2017-Present

Advisor on target-driven attainments, eGovernance design, architecting system backend/front-ends, system-to-system data migrations/APIs, content strategist, organizational process curator, and automation expert.

System Designer and Architect 2015-2016

Designed paperless case administration system, system-assisted policy conformance engine, and cutting-edge eSpace ERP System for user-relationship management.

Resource Person and System Expert 2014-2015

Imparted training sessions to Head of Departments and Head of Schools for innovations and automations in curriculum, evaluation and examination systems.

Policy Maker and System Integrator 2013-2014

Enacted 13 major policies and executed 180+ system automations in curriculum, evaluation and examination systems. Affected 3500+ faculty, 23000+ Students, and 21 disciplines in engineering, applied arts, and sciences.

Academic Auditor 2011-2012

Designed Engineering Program Structure, evaluation systems, and executed system-wide curriculum and evaluation related innovations. Affected 4500+ Subjects in 220+ Degree Programs.

Teaching and Parameterized Evaluations 2011-2012

Implementation of parameter/rubric based evaluations system for university courses, student counseling, and mentoring.

Skills and Expertise Level

Information System Architect Expert

Machine/Deep Learning and AI Solutions, IoTs and Complex Systems Architecture, Distributed-Connected Systems Design, System Scaling, Migrations, Automation, and Integrations.

Data Technologies and Virtualization Expert

UML 2.0 and above, SQL Database Design/Administration, RDMS Performance Analyst, MongoDB, BigData, Hive, Hadoop, and NoSQL Databases. IoT, Docker, VMWare and VirtualBox Instances

Programming Languages and Frameworks Advanced

Expert in C# 3.0 and above, ASP.NET 2.0 and above, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4.0, TFS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Inhouse Systems.

Data Analysis and Analytics Advanced

Business Intelligence, MSSQL Analysis/Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Origin, MS Excel (PowerPivot/Solver/Clustering/VBA), Data Normalizations/Audit, Web Scraping, Data APIs.

Engingeering Research Advanced

DoE, Laser Technology, Advanced Biomedical Materials, Welding Technology, Metallurgy, Product Development and Research.

Engingeering Design Advanced

Technical Design (CAD/CAE/GD&T), Surface Mapping & Topographer, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and FEM Modelling using Ansys, Solid Modelling using Pro-e/Catia, and SolidWorks.


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Reliability & Banking

Technology Adoption and Training

Technology changes are happening fast at an unprecedented rate than before. Organizations not adopting the effective technological assistance would end up losing to the competition. There is no alternative to having an effective Information Technology (IT) system serving the needs of the orgainzation. We help you develop an entire IT system and train your users on it.

Define Deposit

Machine Learning and AI

Successfully tested and incorporated Machine Learning and AI into various stages of any process to enable system-assisted user experiences in fairly complex IT Systems. The purpose of implementation of machine learning is to enable system assistance in completion of user activities and achievement of organizational targets.

Funding & Financial Resources

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data-driven fairness and transparency can expedite any organization's growth to a phenomenal rate. Having data-driven decisions leads to better decision making and happiness among end-users. Don't just believe in words, seeing it live in the data analytics and business intellgience system confirms its effectiveness. We offer structured and automated reporting via detailed, summarized, analytical, and crux reports enabling these insights to various levels of hierarchy in the organization.

Business Income Statement

System Integration and Design

Complex IT systems quickly start to suffer from heterogenious state where certain modules developed over-time does not integrate well within the same IT system. These IT System's architecture undergoes frequent changes when originally the system wasn't designed to handle such changes or improvements. We offer new system design and integration consulting for existing systems to enable flexibility and extensibility for incorporating improvements in maintaining homogenious state of the IT system over-time without any effort what-so-ever.

900 System Improvements
26 Core Modules
60000 Interactions per day
100 % Satisfaction